Get Fresh Roasted Coffee Right Here in Norwood

Are you a coffee fanatic?  Do you like to brew your own coffee?  Do you buy it from Kroger or another grocery store?  Do you like your coffee to be as fresh as possible?  Did you know that by the time you brew and drink a cup of store-bought coffee, the grounds can be days, weeks or even months old?  Well let me tell you about Coffee Cherries right here in Norwood that can provide you with great, fresh coffee.

Owned and operated by Norwood resident Maria Miller, Coffee Cherries strives to provide their customers with the freshest coffee beans or grounds possible.  Maria roasts fresh Columbian coffee beans for purchase.  The coffee beans arrive to Maria and start out green.  Once she roasts them to perfection, they take on the look that most of us our used to – dark brown.

For the rest of this story, pick-up a copy of the July 2017 Issue of the Norwood Star.

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