Around Town With Chrissy Clark – Paper Street Trading Company

Paper Street Trading Company opened late last year in the heart of Norwood, on the North side of Surrey Square. Jimi Bird, Carmen Hood and their leadership team have done a fantastic job bringing our community something, that to my knowledge, has never existed here before. Say for instance, you went to the movie theatre and you were blown away by an actionpacked thriller. So much so, that you didn’t want the fun to end there. You wanted to pick up the comic book your movie was based off of to read the original story and see how it compares. You then want to get the BluRay as soon as it comes out so you can relive each moment. While you are watching, you realize your home wouldn’t be complete without the movie poster proudly displayed. Well, before Paper Street Trading Co., you would need to drive all over town to satisfy your fandom needs. Now, we have one place for fans and collectors to satisfy all their needs. It is right here in our hometown.

For the rest of this story, pick-up the 2017 August Issue of the Norwood Star.

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