Norwood Dental Practice Continues Great Service to Generation after Generation

In my 30 plus years of life, I have never met someone who enjoys going to the dentist. I hate going myself. The sounds, the smell, the pain, it is just awful. Sadly, health professionals tell us it is part of a healthy lifestyle. I recently learned, however, that I have been going to the wrong place all these years.
There are people who actually enjoy going to the dentist and have wonderful experiences. I learned this from reading reviews on the website of Drs.
Fennell, Baron and Yoxthimer, DDS. With almost 1,500 reviews and almost all five out of five stars, I couldn’t believe the number of people that actually
enjoyed going to the dentist. The dentistry practice has been in Norwood for over 70 years. They have been at their current location, 5451 Montgomery Road, since 1982. Their office is newly renovated and looks great! Due to their amazing service, it is not uncommon for generation after generation to walk
through the doors. The dentists often service the grandchildren or even the great grandchildren of some of their clients. The service, education, and expertise they provide keep their clients coming back. Many say that the practice is extremely family-oriented and their goal is to provide amazing customer service and help the patient have a great experience.

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