Norwood Police Department Launches N.I.C.E. Program

If you didn’t have an opportunity to attend the Norwood First Responders Night, you may not know about an amazing new program that launched in Norwood. In early July, the Norwood Police Department launched a new program called, “Norwood Identifies Citizen Encounters (N.I.C.E.)”. The goal of the program is to improve police encounters with people with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities and Alzheimer’s disease. Many times, people living with autism or Alzheimer’s disease can find sirens, loud noises or encounters with police very stressful. It can often led to poor interactions with police and make the situation difficult for everyone. The Norwood Police Department, their Citizen’s Advisory Group and several residents living with autism, developmental disabilities and Alzheimer’s disease began working on this program months ago. Together, they came up with N.I.C.E. as a way to assist
residents and the police officers in Norwood.

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