Around Town with Chrissy Clark — Indian Mound Cafe

The Indian Mound Cafe in Norwood is undergoing some positive and exciting changes! New Owners, Julie Peter and Sheila Cox, are longtime colleagues. The pair, along with friends and family members have spent countless hours revamping The Mound you used to know. I was lucky enough to steal Julie and Sheila away from the hustle and bustle long enough to ask a few questions. The owners have a lifetime of experience in restaurants, catering and hospitality, and it shows in the work they do. The excitement for their new business venture seems to bring the Cafe alive again! One of the main goals is for The Indian Mound Cafe to be “the place” you go after a game. Additionally, they want to become a lunch destination for all of our new and existing developments in the City.

For the rest of this story, pick up a copy of the October 2017 Issue of the Norwood Star.

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