ASAP Norwood to Host Candidates’ Forum on Prevention

Have you heard of ASAP Norwood? Maybe not yet, but I bet you have heard of their work.  That’s because ASAP Norwood is the new name for the Norwood Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Coalition.  The Coalition has recently renamed and rebranded themselves in hopes of more effectively spreading their message and becoming more easily recognized.

ASAP Norwood is focused on prevention. They are a coalition of government officials, police officers, fire fighters, faith leaders, citizens, school leaders, and business owners who strive to keep people from ever becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. They aren’t against treatment for those who are addicted, they just strive to prevent people from being addicted in the first place.  As ASAP Norwood’s Communications Coordinator Angela Pancella says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  She is right.  Studies show that it is much more costly to help someone get off drugs than it is to prevent them from getting started in the first place.


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