TransformedU Wants to Help You Age Well and Live Longer

TransformedU Wants to Help You Age Well and Live Longer

By Andrew Clark

I had the pleasure of speaking with Adrianne Jackson of TransformedU and Anointed Hands Relaxation recently about her business and goal of helping people age well and live longer.

Adrianne started learning massage therapy in 2005. She had been grieving the loss of her mother and went to get a relaxation massage.  She was blown away with how much better she felt and knew she wanted to help others feel better. She was drawn to holistic wellness and all-natural cures after experiencing the loss of her parents to preventable diseases and surviving a near death experience with toxic black mold, contaminated water and carbon monoxide poisoning. During this time, Adrianne’s doctors did not know how to treat her.  She began researching “God Made” versus “Man Made” solutions and was drawn to TransformedU.

TransformedU focuses on helping individuals heal through all-natural methods. Adrianne says that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves in a lot of way if we give them the right tools – water, proper nutrition and exercise.  A lot of us are sick because of what we eat, lack of movement, dehydration and stress.  Adrianne can teach you how to eat right, exercise and allow your body to work properly.  

Are you part of a group or organization that would be interested in learning more about holistic wellness and all-natural remedies?  If so, contact Adrianne and she can come to your meeting or gathering and speak about all-natural healing.  She provides workshops and will come and speak about workplace wellness, meal planning, in-home exercise, relaxation and stress management, therapeutic touch, professional bra fittings, body reshaping garments fittings, nutritional supplements and antioxidants,  and wellness jewelry. Adrianne also provides one on one consultations and family consultations.  Contract her to find out more.

Adrianne also believes in giving back to her community. She will have a booth at Norwood’s Christmas Town on Saturday, December 2 and she is also selling handmade jewelry as a fundraiser for Norwood Schools.  

Adrianne and TransformedU need a place to call home.  They would love to barter office/spa space for their products and services.  This will allow them to provide more services and opportunities.  Please contact Adrianne if you know of a space available.

To find out more about Adrianne and Transformed U, visit her Facebook page ( call 513-279-2990.  


on “TransformedU Wants to Help You Age Well and Live Longer
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  1. BIG THANKS to Andrew Clark for his genuine desire to serve and writing this article to bring to light holistic wellness options to my fellow Norwoodian neighbors. I’m here for ALL of you whether you or you’re family is facing a potentially life-changing medical decision, surgery, want to get off drugs naturally or have a common sinus infection and want something more agreeable to the human body mind and spirit without side effects, I can consult & offer ALL options

  2. 🇹🇪🇸🇹🇮🇲🇴🇳🇾: Lil over a year my godson followed TransformedU regimen. Was on 3 asthma meds. After less than 3 months Dr took off 1 med 4 months later another one then one day he walked in house after walking home from school 2miles and told his mom “i don’t have asthma anymore.” She said boy what you talking about? He repeated. She took him to Dr who took him off last of those 3 meds then his allergies and eczema cleared up once off that last inhaler.

    “Giving the Gift of Health”

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